Dedication to precision and the highest quality standards

These are the goals we strive for at Wertech cc and the reason we have a growing customer base who trust in our products to meet their demands.

About wertech cc

Wertech Washlines and Parasols was founded in 1992 by Werner Erne after returning from Switzerland with his family. The inspiration for Wertech came from Werner's experience as a toolmaker as well as his experience in constructing frames for companies such as Leisure Sun who specialised in awnings.

With a team of only 5 people, Wertech soon expanded their offering and included washlines and awnings to their lists of services. Over the years Wertech has grown to a team of 12 people who proudly manufacture parasols, awnings and washlines for some of the biggest companies in South Africa including Distell, KWV and Edward Snell & Co.

Wertech has become a family-run business with Werner's eldest son, Daniel, taking care of logistics, sales and management whilst instilling the same craftsmanship and attention to detail that the Swiss have become known for.

Situated in Quantum Park, in Somerset West, Wertech will continue to provide outstanding quality services and products delivered across South Africa.

Companies who trust in our products